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"The band amazed me for its maturity, a huge step forward towards its own vision of things. Pink Floyd is there but not too much, rather Neo Prog is more present among the notes. In reality this is music for all souls, to be listened to with pleasure and at the same time never taken for granted, a balance that often belongs only to the big bands. I confess my joy for listening to “Beyond The Air”, another Italian album that I put on the Olympus of 2023″
( Max Salari, NONSOLO PROGROCK Blog)

 "With “Beyond The Air, The Forty Days confirm themselves as one of the leading italian bands of the psychedelic-tinged neo-prog, with a certainly international scope”"
(Gianni Della Cioppa, CLASSIX - CLASSIC ROCK)

"This band is primed after years of working the trenches to sell out venues. The music is overwhelmingly ready for prime time. I cannot believe this band is not playing more festivals than they have already"(Mark Preising, PROGRESSIVE ROCK

"Beyond the Air is a truly impressive second release from The Forty Days – if they continue with this sort of quality and power their star will hopefully rise above any indifference. The Forty Days have the potential to deservedly glide away to a higher plain in modern progressive rock – definitely a band to keep a watch on"