The Forty Days are from Pisa and Livorno, Italy, and they can be defined a neo-progressive rock band with obvious art/rock, pop/rock and psychedelic rock contaminations.
Main influences are Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson, Marillion, David Gilmour, Calibro 35, Supertramp, Led Zeppelin and many others, in other words all those artists who have tried to mix prog/rock/psychedelic with a certain melodic content. 

The current line-up is active since september 2015, after that the band increase the live activity and start to think about writing the first album. The album is officially released on october 28th 2017 in collaboration with the italian label Lizard Records: "The Colour of Change", recorded, mixed and mastered by Edoardo Magoni, is a concept album that speaks about an almost 30-years-old-guy’s situations, worries and fears in our days. 

The live activity related "The Colour of Change" includes gigs all over Italy, even in famous festivals like "2Days+1 of Prog" (Veruno, Novara, Italy) and "Porretta Prog".
Meanwhile, the band starts to work to new material: the single "Under The Trees" is realeased in june 2019, produced by Andrea Pachetti at 360 Music Factory Studio Recording in Livorno, mastered by Eleven Mastering (Busto Arsizio, Varese, Italy), as a prize for winning the "AVIS Music Contest" organized in Livorno.
In late 2021 the band take part in a great Blue Oyster Cult tribute compilation called "The Dark Side Of The Cult" (produced by Giancarlo Bolther and Black Widow Records), recording a version of the famous song "(Don't Fear) The Reaper".

Finally, after the real end of Covid-19 pandemic, the band can record the second album called "Beyond The Air".
This new album, recorded with Edoardo Magoni at his studio and at Studi Magnitudo (Ghezzano, Pisa, Italy), and mastered by Eleven Mastering, is a concept album that speaks about a man’s growth through the human indifference: he suffers until going crazy, but in the end he will solve all his problems simply by adapting himself to that widespread disregard, holding tightly his nearest and dearest.
"Beyond The Air" is officially released on june 9th 2023, again in collaboration with Lizard Records. 


GIANCARLO PADULA - lead vocals, keyboards
DARIO VIGNALE - guitars, backing vocals